Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Daughtry Musikfest 8/11/12

I wasn't going to go to this concert which saddened me seeing as though it is only 20 minutes from my house. I found out my friends and their mom were going and decided then and there i would go with them. They already had tickets so I would be sitting alone which I had no problem with. I had been to a few concerts by myself before and had a great time. Plus everytime I went to a Daughtry concert I never encountered a fan that was anything but nice. A little backstory before I continue. I've always been overweight however in the last year I gained almost 90lbs due to an undiagnosed medical condition. Then the medication I have to be on to hopefully slow down the progression makes me gain as well which is pretty depressing.  I need surgery but have to wait until October for testing. What better than a Daughtry concert to put a smile on my face :). We got to the venue and I parted ways with my friends. I found my seat and saw that there was a lady sitting next to it. I believe in being friendly to the people I'm going to be sitting next to for a whole show so I smiled at her and said Hi. She looked me up and down disgusted and moved over into the next seat two down from me. I had a feeling this was going to end well. A few minutes later her husband arrived and it started. I'll spare you from everything he said (which continued the whole time between when I sat down and Daughtry started) but my favorite line was "i'm calling the ticket company and telling me they owe me half of my ticket price". Mind you at this point one of the women who was standing around leaned down and said that she didn't know what the hell his problem was because I was not over my seat at all. The woman kept trying to get her husband to sit down saying that she would sit next to me and he could sit where she was now sitting but he refused. Then the part happened that upset me even more. A venue employee was coming around and letting everyone who was standing at the side know that they couldn't stand there. He told the husband and he said and I quote "i would sit if it wasn't for the fat f***ing piece of shit there". The venue employee looked over at me nodded and said to the husband "I see what you mean I guess you'll have to squeeze over it somehow". I looked over and said excuse me! I guess he didn't think i could hear cuz he ran off after that before I could get his name and never came back to our section again. I was almost in tears by this point and just wanted to leave. I had let them get to me. It was then how I remember how JP always says to smile. Such a simple word 'smile' but it was just what I needed to have in my head right then. Who the hell were they to make me feel this low? I knew I could not leave before Daughtry came on. I had come to see them and thru hell or highwater I would not let them ruin my chance. Once they hit the stage I didn't care what the said I tuned them out and put a smile on my face. The rainwater mixed with my tears and I prayed thanking god for bringing me here. Those guys are THE most amazing performers every last one of them. As awful as the day started as soon as I heard that first note all of it went away and I had an amazing time. I just wish they could know how much they truly make a difference. It will be them who gets me thru my surgery later this year and I hope this time next year I can see them again and hopefully get to tell them how much they all mean to me in person. Wish me luck.

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